Travel Experiences

We are truly excited here at The Small Ship Adventure Co. in showcasing to you our worldwide small ship adventures. To enhance your Travel experiences our sister company Momento Travel Services highly specialises in North America, Canada and Alaska for independent and discerning travellers.

We will proudly and seamlessly create your memories with personal customised itineraries to suit your ability and taste – whether you are a rank beginner or seasoned expert, seeking paced adventure or leisurely sights.

You may be allured by the majestical glaciers of Alaska or the tranquil clear blue waters of Hawaii and the abundant terrain the islands have to offer. Add the awe inspiring Rocky Mountaineer or travel across Canada with VIA Rail. Visit the northern lights or a choice of our bear lodges all offering up close and personal connections with some of the most unique and uncommon wildlife this planet has to offer. Take a train from Canada right down to Los Angeles. Or ride a stylish loud Harley around the Hawaiian Islands. We will delight you.

And best of all, it can all be done on a single itinerary, through your one qualified travel expert. We strive to ensure your experience with us is the beginning of a memory of a lifetime.

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